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Stavanger Municipality adopts BlomSTREET™ to reduce site visits

BlomSTREET™ is a collection of georeferenced 360 ° panoramic images captured from street level and is provided to our customers with an easy to use end-user application. The BlomSTREET imagery can be hosted in the cloud and streamed to our customers via our fast and reliable web service. By hosting the data Blom removes the cost and hassle of data storage and installation for the customer.

BlomSTREET™ street view imagery for inventory of bicycle lanes

Many municipalities see that well-designed bike paths play an important role in the quest for a sustainable society. In order to reduce car journeys it must be attractive to choose other types of transport. The bike paths available must therefore be appropriate, safe and secure. " BlomSTREET™ imagery makes for an excellent choice to inspect and manage pedestrian and bicycle paths. Street images are suitable for use in identification, measurement and assessment of mobility in the municipality's cycling network, "says Bodil Sundberg, Nordic Marketing Manager at Blom.

Inventory and volumetric calculation of gravel and other soil material

Gravel and other soil based materials are commonly utilized for many purposes in infrastructure projects. When new findings are prepared for use several environmental aspects must be considered. Detailed planning of quantities, digging level, landscaping etc. must be planned and reported to the authorities.

High resolution LiDAR and stereo mapping infrastructure projects

Before the 2012 season began, Blom introduced the latest TopEye system; combining high resolution laser data and full stereo coverage high resolution images photography. The system was frequently used throughout 2012 in the Nordic countries in infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and powerlines. A number of projects have now confirmed that the system’s improved performance is giving the expanded opportunities we had hoped for.

Improving emergency response with advanced map data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and map data are increasingly being used by emergency services such as police and law enforcement, medical services and fire fighters. Advanced maps and GIS give the emergency services immediate access to powerful, lifesaving information. Moreover, it allows for the ability to view, measure and annotate, and thus provides an ideal tool for emergency response, event planning and evidence reports. Geographically referenced map data and content open up for improved planning of operations and more efficient field operations.

Interested in ordering BlomSTREET? Blom is about to commence capture for 2013

If you are thinking about ordering our streetview imagery BlomSTREET™ during 2013, here comes a small reminder to order your data during spring 2013. The capturing season will start at the beginning of April in the southern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

GIT 2013
19-21 March, Elmia, Jönköping, Sverige

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 Geotechnical assessment of railway embankment and slopes
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